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Downloading: more-than-a-jukebox-1_4.pdf More than Blended Learning

More than Blended Learning
More than a jukebox

Today I read about a new initiative of Clive Shepherd about Blended Learning. On campuses around the world there is a lot of attention going to blended learning. Expectations are that it will be the new standard for campus education (replacing the traditional instructor-led classroom teaching).

According to Clive they have developed a whole new way of designing learning interventions. It’s called More Than Blended Learning (>BL):

Blended solutions combine contrasting learning methods and media in order to maximise effectiveness and efficiency. The More Than approach goes a step further to ensure the blend results in application to real-world tasks and the learner is supported along the whole length of their learning journey.

Reading through the PDF and their website it looks like an interesting approach that can be useful for many educators.