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In response to: New Job!

Comment from: Izaak Kijlstra [Visitor]

Izaak Kijlstra
Van harte gefeliciteerd met deze prachtige functie!
23/12/19 @ 11:21

In response to: The Learning Portfolio in higher Education

Comment from: K E Karunakaran [Visitor]

K E Karunakaran
This article on learning portfolio gives useful information for an academic like me who has been implementing portfolio among our learners. Ours are the medical students and the portfolio designed to them is found useful and improving them in many aspects as we gather from their feed back. Ours is still a paper based an this article make us to think designing an e portfolio.
02/10/19 @ 06:43

In response to: EMBED framework presented

Comment from: Ewoud de Kok [Visitor]

Ewoud de Kok
Nice Willem, thank you for sharing. I think the concept of blended teaching is really strong! The integral approach is often overlooked. It’s complex because it’s connected, in order to understand how thinks to change you have to understand these connections.
17/09/19 @ 20:00

In response to: Virtual Exchange Programme

Comment from: Muvaffak GOZAYDIN [Visitor]

When you share knowledge, you do not lose anything but gained . It has been my claim for the last 25 years that schools with the same interests should share all their courses among their students . Sure sharing schools should be at the same calibre.
23/01/18 @ 23:20

In response to: Teacher feedback on our Brightspace migration

Comment from: Bill Harrison [Visitor]

Bill Harrison
Students can get notifications when an instructor posts grades and feedback by subscribing to various text and email notifications via the notifications page. We encourage our students to download the Pulse app for their mobile devices as well.
02/09/17 @ 17:05

In response to: Comparing Delftx to HarvardX/MITx

Comment from: [Member]

Hi Isaac, thank you very much for your comment. We are setting up a server to make this kind of queries more easy. So sharing of these tools is really appreciated.
18/01/17 @ 11:13

In response to: Comparing Delftx to HarvardX/MITx

Comment from: Isaac Chuang [Visitor]

Isaac Chuang

Very nice!

Exhibits 1-6 were generated using the person_course table, a secondary dataset produced from the raw edX SQL table dumps and tracking logs, using the open-source ed×2bigquery tool (×2bigquery).

Exhibit 9 was produced from the time_on_task tables made using this module of ed×2bigquery:×2bigquery/blob/master/ed×2bigquery/ .

Exhibit 5 was made using Gephi, and a Stata do-script which generated course-course network flows, from person_course.

We intend to continue making available such data analysis and processing tools, and hope they enable further understanding of MOOC trends and behaviors, and added comparisons such as yours.

18/01/17 @ 04:15

In response to: Looking back at #D2LFusion

Comment from: Nelson Jorge [Visitor]

Nelson Jorge
Good to read all these positive things about the platform, and looking forward to start creating courses on it in the near future!
22/07/16 @ 20:25

In response to: Policy Forum on European MOOCs

Comment from: C. Kroon [Visitor]

C. Kroon
Complimenten Willem! Met een achtergrond van 10 jaar (2005-2015) in online educatie voor de University of Maryland, heb ik mij sinds 2012 hard gemaakt voor moocs in Noord Nederland. Gelijk met jou begonnen dus. Ik zal je de bijzondere antwoorden en opmerkingen van beleidsmakers, strategen en Raden van Bestuur besparen. Je zal ze ook gehoord hebben. Echter, feit is dat Delft en Leiden excelleren op het gebied van moocs. Well done!!!
30/06/16 @ 14:12

In response to: Taking the letters of MOOC out one by one

Comment from: Robert Schuwer [Visitor]

Robert Schuwer
This was already announced in December last year. I was wondering then (via Twitter) “This way MOOC is turning into non-open courseware?” The “?” can be interpreted as rhetorical ;-).
30/01/16 @ 15:23

In response to: Dutch boycott of Elsevier

Comment from: Wilma van Wezenbeek [Visitor]

Wilma van Wezenbeek
Good to blog about this! In Delft we have also involved our Editors (engaging them in a breakfast meeting, sending out a questionnaire). We keep a strong voice in NL, though we also recognize that our (93) Delft Editors have their own community and can choose their way to make their voice heard. (One minor detail - the first milestone we have in front of us is 60% in 2018. )
06/07/15 @ 22:17